Poem: The Future (written on 10/12/19)

What kind of world am I going to live in a year from now?
What kind of world do I want?
In 2030, do I want melted polar ice caps
To see skeletons of polar bears, penguins and sea lions
That the rising temperatures murdered long ago?
Do I want dying coral reefs
And extinct species?
I know I can't do justice through a poem
But at least I'm getting my voice heard.

I may not be the loudest with my voice
But I am the loudest with my pen
And I speak truth to power
With my written words.

I want to live in a future
Where greed, anger and foolishness
Don't get in the way of people's happiness
I want to live in a future
Where flora and fauna can coexist with humans
And everyone recognizes the interdependence
Of everyone and everything on this earth?

Every time I eat outside during my lunch break
I hear beauty all around me
Even the insects seem beautiful even though
They talk a lot, rather too close to my ears.
The trees speak amongst themselves
As I munch on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cookie
I hear the birds chirping merrily amongst themselves
And the lively squirrels chasing each other up trees

Even if climate change were to never happen
The planet is our rented apartment
It is a mortgage that we don't own
We have to pay back our debts every month
Or else we fall behind on our credit
And go into even worse debts

We still need to take care of our home
Even if climate change never existed.
And sadly, I can't do more than I can do now.
I eat vegan, I turn off the lights, I try to take shorter showers
But I still eat fruit bars wrapped in material that I can't compost
I drive my car everywhere
I am writing this blog on a computer, which uses electricity, which produces greenhouse gases
And I always have my phone on

But what has helped me in my journey
As one of seven billion renters of planet Earth
Is awareness.
Awareness that I can make a difference
Awareness of the different issues going on.
Awareness of how important these issues are and why they matter
Awareness of efforts that people are already making
Awareness of how corporations can sometimes do good, and then sometimes do bad by sending misinformation.
Awareness of differing perspectives on the issue
And awareness that global warming is a fact and not an opinion at this point

Ignorance can no longer be bliss
I have to know the truth
So I can continue my survival
In this apartment I am renting
Each day I must express appreciation
From the bottom of my heart
To my gracious landlord, Earth, who
Allowed me to stay even when I had (and still have)
Debts to pay.

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