Eclectic Playlist of the Week

  1. “Flow”: Sade
  2. “French Letter”: J. Walk
  3. “Desert Rose”: Sting
  4. “Blessings”: Chance the Rapper
  5. “How Come You Don’t Call Me”: Alicia Keys
  6. “Addictive”: Truth Hurts
  7. “You Know How We Do It”: Ice Cube
  8. “Sway”: Rosemary Clooney
  9. “Bossy”: Kelis
  10. “Throw It Back”: Missy Elliott
  11. “Sound and Vision”: David Bowie
  12. “King of Sorrow”: Sade
  13. “Fountains Abbey”: Yorkshire
  14. “Boyz N The Hood”: Easy E.
  15. “He Woke Me Up Again”: Sufjan Stevens
  16. “Spy”: Nyles Lannon
  17. “Gagging Order”: Radiohead
  18. “The Past and Pending”: The Shins
  19. “Late Arriving”: Greg Laswell
  20. “Tables and Chairs”: Andrew Bird
  21. “Melancholy Hill”: Gorillaz
  22. “Halal”: Mazzy Star
  23. “Knife”: Grizzly Bear
  24. “Past in Present”: Feist

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