Book Review: Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs

Well, I officially have finished my 40th book of my 50 book reading goal this year, thanks to this savory (yes, pun intended) novel by Kate Jacobs, author of the equally-as-savory The Friday Night Knitting Club and Knit Two, its sequel. This novel is about a fifty-year-old chef named Augusta “Gus” Simpson, who is a New York-based widow with two daughters and a cooking career that is going down the toilet when her show’s ratings go down. Alan, who helps manage her show, forces her to team up with Carmen, a model from Spain who tries to outdo Gus in cooking so that people stop focusing on her looks and value her for her love of food. Meanwhile, Gus’ daughters are grown and one (Sabrina) is engaged and still torn about getting back with her ex-boyfriend Troy, while the other (Ammie) isn’t interested in finding love yet and is still figuring life out. Hannah is Gus’ neighbor and a former tennis player who suffered a major career throwback and rarely goes out in public, and while she doesn’t cook much herself (she is fond of candy) she often eats many of Gus’s delicious dishes. Oliver is Gus’s assistant on the show and he slowly develops a romantic interest in her. While at first it is a disaster for Gus to have everyone on her show and while many times the characters fight and disagree on a lot of things, they end up finding out they have more in common than they thought and come to realize how much the art of cooking can bring them together despite the differences in their expertise or lack thereof.

I also got this at the same bookstore that I got My Sister from the Black Lagoon and A Long Way Down. I had been meaning to read Comfort Food for a while, but like many other delicious novels, never got around to it. I devoured this one in days like all the delicious meals that make their way into the novel’s pages. For some reason I kept envisioning Martha Stewart as Gus, John Cena as Oliver (because he is over six feet tall in the book) and Sofia Vergara as Carmen, only because I recently saw Sofia Vergara in the film Chef, which, like Comfort Food, is about cooking. Overall, this book was amazing and hopefully I will get a chance to read more books by Kate Jacobs! 🙂

Comfort Food: A Novel. Kate Jacobs. 328 pp.

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