Lessons You Learn from Watching Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99 is a hilarious sitcom about a team of cops who get into all kinds of silly situations while fighting crime. Here are some lessons I learned from the show.

  1. Take care of yourself: Jake injures himself and insists on going back to work, but then Serge tells him he needs to take care of himself. Jake takes care of himself by taking some time off and ends up getting better.
  2. Don’t give up your dreams: Even though she works a boring job, Gina is passionate about her dancing. This taught me to never give up on my musical passion even though I have a non-musical day job.
  3. Don’t quit your job just because someone tells you your passion is a mere hobby: Holt tells Gina this, but then starts to take her more seriously after she tells Holt and Serge they crushed her dreams by not attending her dance performance. Gina inspires me to not give up on my dreams.
  4. Don’t borrow money from people too much or you will forever be in debt: In one episode, Jake has to pay everyone back because they lent him money and so no one will help him pay for his apartment, but because Gina saved her money, she rents an apartment for him. This made me want to save my money so I won’t have to borrow any loans from people.
  5. Don’t get upset if your crush/lover doesn’t text you back within five seconds. Jake meets this defense attorney named Sophia and they hit it off, but then she tells him they need to call it quits since folks at her office are mad that she is dating a cop. So Jake tries to get it off his mind by participating in paint-gun warfare with his fellow 99ers, but then he still checks his phone to see if Sophia texted him back. I have learned that being on your phone all the time makes you lonely and impatient and so I am less angsty if someone doesn’t text me back right away because I have learned it is okay to lessen your phone use.
  6. Be a good coworker and stand up for your coworkers. In one scene Jake is talking with this guy who Captain Holt knew, and the guy makes a homophobic comment about Captain Holt, who is openly gay, and Jake punches him for making that comment. Captain Holt originally thought Jake punched him for no reason, but after Jake tells the story to him, Holt begins to respect him more.
  7. Be appropriate. Captain Holt invites the 99 to a gathering at his house that his husband is having, and so Serge does everything he can to make sure his coworkers are on their best behavior. But things go wrong even when they say in unison before breaking football team style “Be appropriate”. I cringed during this episode because of the awkward interactions between the partygoers and the 99, but it was supposed to be for laughs. I really enjoy this episode.

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