Random Playlist

While decluttering my iTunes library, I came across quite a few songs that I listened to along my journey in life. Even though I deleted these songs to save space, I still love them. Here is part of that list.

  • “How Long”- Ace
  • “Destination Calabria”- Alex Gaudino
  • “The Walk”- Imogen Heap
  • “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)- Billy Joel
  • “I Know Why”- Sheryl Crow
  • “Amsterdam”- Coldplay
  • “Heaven”- Los Lonely Boys
  • “Temperature”- Sean Paul
  • “All Fired Up”- Interpol
  • “La Paga”- Juanes
  • “Windsurfing Nation”- Broken Social Scene
  • “Done Got Old”- Buddy Guy
  • “Gentleman”- PSY
  • “Sweet Love”- Anita Baker

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