An Interesting Video: Combating Impostor Syndrome

In this episode of Optimal Living Daily, Kristen Wong, financial expert and author of the book Get Money (which I’m reading right now. It’s so awesome), talks about how to combat the fear that everyone will think you’re not good enough. I admit to suffering with impostor syndrome like a lot of people, and it’s why for the past couple of years I haven’t really put myself out there. I haven’t auditioned for orchestras or other music opportunities because I fear rejection and feeling like I don’t belong in the orchestras or other music environments. I also feel this way about my writing, not putting myself out there because I’m worried people will think it’s garbage (then again, the irony is that I’m even blogging at all, but even starting a blog took months of combating impostor syndrome and self-imposed perfectionism to do so). But Wong’s advice really spoke to me and hopefully will do so for a lot of other people. She herself had to really get herself out there, but, like many other people, felt she wasn’t good enough until she actually did get herself out there and got all these incredible freelancing opportunities. It’s something I need to remember as a human being, as a young woman, and as a creative person, but this advice is good for anyone of any career. I hope you enjoy!

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