In Memoriam: Valentine’s Day

In celebrating a holiday of love and giving

Let us remember the 17 people

Killed on this very February 14th last year

At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

In Parkland, Florida.

A day where people should be free to love

In any way, shape or form.

At the hands of one individual’s bitter rage and gun

These souls shed blood and tears and

Experienced unimaginable pain and trauma.

Let us also remember the many people and

Especially young people

Preteens, teens, toddlers, adults

Killed by gun violence.

Let us remember the passion

That these Parkland students

And so many more

Continue to burn with for social reform

For stricter laws

For more frank discussion about this issue.

Even after the trauma continues to bring

Back horrific memories of rivers of blood

And screams and pops of bullets.

Let us remember.

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