Six Hilarious Sketches by Roy Wood Jr.

Roy Wood, Jr. is a comedian who is part of Trevor Noah’s team on The Daily Show. In honor of Black History Month, I decided to post six of his most hilarious sketches. Contains strong language.

  1. “Desegregation and Chipotle.”: honestly, it would be cool if more rappers talked about how cool kale is in their songs. Of course, there are exceptions, such as this song by Dead Prez.

2. “Starbucks Shuts Down for Racial Bias Training.” As a former barista whose store didn’t get to participate in the nationwide Starbucks racial bias training, this was truly hilarious.

3. “The Daily Show- The Oscars Reach Peak Blackness.” Yep, the Oscars did in fact reach the ultimate “amalgamation of black excellence” that evening.

4. “Roy Wood Jr. Can’t Walk Out of Best Buy Without a Bag.” In this video, Roy discusses why films about the Civil Rights movement really make him cry, and why he needs a plastic bag every time he purchases something from the store.

5. “Teachers Take to the Streets & Kanye West Says Slavery Was a Choice.” Roy Wood Jr.’s part doesn’t happen until 3:19, but Trevor Noah sets up the context for why Roy’s parody on West’s poor choice of words is so brilliant.

6. “Black Eye on America- What Is Black Twitter?” I heard about Black Twitter from friends, but hadn’t been on it before since I don’t use Twitter. This was an interesting take on the platform.

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