Sorrys- A poem

Sorrys are useless in the hands of cowards

Sorrys are useless when you have said them over and over again

Thank yous do not cover up the hurt you have caused.

Sorry are like sugar on a festering open wound

Sorrys are like giving roses and buttercream cake to cure a black and blue bruise

Sorrys do more harm than good in the end if delivered carelessly

Sorrys are empty when you have hurt the people who love you

Thank yous are a mindless void when delivered half eaten

Loving yourself is important

So you don’t keep making excuses for opening up fresh wounds to hurt people

When you hurt yourself, hurt others, you open up fresh wounds

You heal those wounds by reflecting on and loving you, not running away from life or hurting yourself even more.

By communicating openly.

Not hiding your hurt where people cannot find it.

By being honest with yourself.

By not getting wrapped up in your own pain.

You are beautiful. You are loved. Just as you are.

Don’t ever forget it.

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